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Two bacterial strains, HKU33(T) and HKU34, were isolated in Hong Kong from the pus aspirated from the right peritonsillar abscess of a patient with quinsy and the left elbow joint fluid of another(More)
We report here four cases of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis caused by three different species of Gordonia. The portal of entry was likely through Tenckhoff catheters.(More)
No members of the freshwater ascomycetes family Lindgomycetaceae have been associated with human infections. We isolated a mould (HKU35(T)) from the biopsy specimen of a patient with invasive foot(More)
Thirteen Aspergillus isolates recovered from nails of 13 patients (fingernails, n=2; toenails, n=11) with onychomycosis were characterized. Twelve strains were identified by multilocus sequencing as(More)