Chi Chiang

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In this article, we develop a dynamic programming model for a periodic review inventory system in which emergency orders can be placed at the start of each period, while regular orders are placed at the beginning of an order cycle (which consists of a number of periods). We assume that the regular and emergency supply lead times di!er by one period. We(More)
The evaluation of travel website service quality (TWSQ) is a multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) problem and has a strategic importance for those travel-related commercial companies. In practical environments, a decision-maker (DM) faces a variety of TWSQ that is often vague from human beings' subjective judgments. The conventional methods for the(More)
Quality management is a very important element within an effective travel website. One of the most important components of quality management is to maintain the service quality of travel websites. Thus, selecting an effective and appropriate customer-driven evaluation model of travel website service quality (TWSQ) measurement key indicators is an important(More)
Keywords: Decision support system Decision calculus Promotional time limit Sales response Internet marketing Hyperbolic functions a b s t r a c t Sellers usually set a promotional time limit to ensure that products can be sold as soon as possible in Internet markets. This research attempts to build a decision support system that optimizes the time limit for(More)
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