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Abstract The rates of heat transfer for flow through a sinusoidally curved converging–diverging channel has been analyzed using a simple coordinate transformation method and the splineExpand
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Efficiency improvement in charge pump circuits
This paper proposes a level shifter design that also functions as a frequency converter to automatically vary the switching frequency of a dual charge pump circuit according to the loading. Expand
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Transient force and free convection along a vertical wavy surface in micropolar fluids
Abstract This work studies the transient behavior of the laminar mixed convection in micropolar fluid flow over a vertical wavy surface. Effects of micropolar parameters and wavy geometry on theExpand
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A variable neighborhood search for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with loading cost
The purpose of this paper is to propose a variable neighbourhood search (VNS) for solving the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with loading cost (MDVRPLC). Expand
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Optimizing goods assignment and the vehicle routing problem with time-dependent travel speeds
In this research, based on time-dependent travel speeds, an optimization method is proposed for solving goods assignment and vehicle routing problems. Expand
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An inverse method for estimating the electromechanical parameters of moving-coil loudspeakers.
This article presents an inverse method for estimating the electromechanical parameters of a moving-coil loudspeaker with or without the eddy current and suspension creep effects. With knownExpand
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Cubic spline difference method for heat conduction
Abstract This study established a new computing method for the cubic spline difference. This method is characterized by the simplicity of the finite difference method through discussion of variousExpand
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Thermophoretic deposition of particles from a boundary layer flow onto a continuously moving wavy surface
SummaryA theoretical model for the coupled transport mechanisms of diffusion, convection and thermophoresis was developed to describe the particle deposition onto a continuously moving wavy surface.Expand
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Inverse estimation of the unknown heat flux boundary with irregular shape fins
Abstract The purpose of this study is to estimate the unknown heat flux boundary conditions on the irregular shape fins for expanding the application of the inverse method. An inverse algorithm basedExpand
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Direct and inverse solutions with non-Fourier effect on the irregular shape
This study used the finite element method with linear least-squares error method to construct a simple non-iterative inverse operation procedure, for solving non-Fourier heat transfer effect inExpand
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