Chhaya V Patel

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Diabetic neuropathy is a heterogeneous disease with diverse pathology. Recognition of the clinical homolog of these pathologic processes is necessary in achieving appropriate intervention. Treatment should be individualized so the particular manifestation and underlying pathogenesis of each patient's clinical presentation are considered. In older adults,(More)
1 Dipyrone 2.5 g was compared with pethidine 100 mg in a double-blind parallel group study. 2 Patients with moderate or severe postoperative pain following abdominal surgery received one of the two drugs intramuscularly. 3 The two treatment groups were homogeneous when analyzed by age, weight, height, sex, and initial severity of pain. 4 The onset degree(More)
A double-blind trial was carried out in 100 patients with moderate to severe post-operative pain to compare the analgesic effectiveness over a 6-hour period of single intramuscular injections of 2.5 g dipyrone and 100 mg pethidine. Maximum pain relief was seen 2 hours after drug administration in both groups and there was no statistically significant(More)