Cheyenne Munson

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PURPOSE The authors examined speech perception deficits associated with individual differences in language ability, contrasting auditory, phonological, or lexical accounts by asking whether lexical competition is differentially sensitive to fine-grained acoustic variation. METHOD Adolescents with a range of language abilities (N = 74, including 35(More)
Coarticulation is a source of acoustic variability for vowels, but how large is this effect relative to other sources of variance? We investigate acoustic effects of anticipatory V-to-V coarticulation relative to variation due to the following C and individual speaker. We examine F1 and F2 from V1 in 48 V1-C#V2 contexts produced by 10 speakers of American(More)
p15 and p16 are tumor suppressor genes that have 5' CpG islands and both are subject to hypermethylation associated with their transcriptional inactivation in hematological malignancies. In this study, we used sodium bisulfite sequencing to obtain a complete map of the 5-methylcytosine status of 80 CpGs covering approximately 900 bp in the 5' p15 CpG(More)
The product of speech perception is contrast between discrete units of meaning, words, which are contrasted by features. While traditional approaches argued that discreteness is imposed by mechanisms like categorical perception that discard within-category detail, recent research suggests that fine-grained detail is preserved throughout processing. We(More)
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