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Gait enjoys advantages over other biometrics in that it can be perceived from a distance and is diicult to disguise. Current approaches are mostly statistical and concentrate on walking only. By analysing leg motion we show how we can recognise people not only by the walking gait, but also by the running gait. This is achieved by either of two new modelling(More)
Gait is an emerging biometric. Current systems are either holistic or feature based and have been demonstrated to be able to recognise people by the way they walk. This paper describes a new system that extends the feature based approach to recognise people by the way they walk and run. A bilateral symmetric and coupled oscillator is the key concept that(More)
2 sin() (y y y y t A t S φ + ω = Abstract The intimate relationship between human walking and running lies within the skeleto-muscular structure. This is expressed as a mapping that can transform computer vision derived gait signatures from running to walking and vice versa, for purposes of deployment in gait as a biometric or for animation in computer(More)
If cloud is so good then why aren't companies using it more? In this paper we look at how companies should make a decision to move some IT services or their IT infrastructure into the cloud. The move may initially look attractive in that it offers cost benefits but there is also considerable uncertainty, not least around security and information(More)
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