Cheuk-Hong Cheng

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is a future trend for digital imaging. With excessive spatial resolution in digital cameras nowadays, plenty of spaces remain in the dynamic domain to enhance the image quality. In order to produce HDR image using conventional devices, multiple captures with different exposure settings are performed and combined. However,(More)
Tone-mapping refers to methods for rendering high dynamic range (HDR) images on low dynamic range (LDR) displays. However, strong tonal compression in tone mapping process often causes those tone-mapped LDR images to have much less local contrast compared with the original HDR images. In this paper, we propose a novel contrast enhancement algorithm to bring(More)
In low-end imaging systems which adopt low pixel precision, color bit-depth of an image is limited to a few bits. As a result, contouring effect tends to occur in smooth regions leading to annoying visual artifacts. Besides, the output color bit-depth is sometimes restricted in low-end systems. To enhance the visual quality in low-end imaging systems,(More)
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