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For a cloud datacenter the biggest issue is how to tackle billions of requests coming dynamically from the end users. To handle such requests efficiently and effectively, there is a need to distribute the load evenly among the cloud nodes. To achieve this goal, various load balancing approaches have been proposed in the past years. Load balancing strategies(More)
Stagnancy has been noticed in the Moore's Law era for CPU computing across the timeline. CPU's are not getting any noticeable faster due to a saturation point in the underlying hardware. It is due to some crucial constraints like power consumption in computation or design constraints. The focus is shifting towards the hardware to the software optimizations(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are networks of small and tiny lightweight nodes that are randomly deployed in a large area where it is not possible to monitor continuously. Some physical parameters such as pressure, temperature and relative humidity etc. are used for monitoring the same. Energy consumption is the most important and critical issues for(More)
This centre provides a platform to researchers to share their experiences, insights, and challenges regarding modelling, simulation and performance evaluation in all areas of computer science engineering and information technology. Specifically, the academic activities of this centre are focused on modelling and simulation of computer networks (wired &(More)
The biotransformation of flecainide to serum fluoride after the oral administration of 100 mg to six healthy subjects was studied. Fluoride, flecainide acetate, calcium and alkaline phosphatase serum levels were determined at 0, 3, 4.5 and 6 hours after administration. Higher mean serum concentrations for fluoride and alkaline phosphatase (P less than 0.01,(More)
RFID systems have the potential to revolutionize and affect a wide variety of industries and applications. At the same time it still faces several hurdles in its adoption. Tag anti-collision is one such significant performance issue in RFID systems which determine the identification speed. This paper presents the performance comparison and analysis of the(More)
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