Chethan Kumar

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Live migration of virtual hard disks between storage arrays has long been possible. However, there is a dearth of online tools to perform automated virtual disk placement and IO load balancing across multiple storage arrays. This problem is quite challenging because the performance of IO workloads depends heavily on their own characteristics and that of the(More)
Server virtualization is accelerating the already existing need for shared storage area network (SAN) infrastructure for the associated benefits of migration, flexible management and economies of sharing. Understanding the characteristics of a workload in terms of access locality, IO sizes, read write ratio etc. is crucial for effective placement and(More)
Host-side flash storage opens up an exciting avenue for accelerating Virtual Machine (VM) writes in virtualized datacenters. The key challenge with implementing such an acceleration layer is to do so without breaking live VM migration which is essential for providing distributed resource management and high availability. High availability also powers-on VMs(More)
Virtualization has been effective in providing performance isolation and proportional allocation of resources, such as CPU and memory between VMs by using automated distributed resource schedulers and VM migration. Storage VMotion allows users to migrate virtual hard disks from one data store to another without stopping the virtual machine. There is a dire(More)
  • Chiranth E Chakravarthy, Nagamohanareddy P Umesh, Chethan Kumar
  • 2011
The RSA system is widely employed and achieves good performance and high security. In this paper, we use Verilog to implement a 16-bit RSA block cipher system. The whole implementation includes three parts: key generation, encryption and decryption process. The key generation stage aims to generate a pair of public key and private key, and then the private(More)
In this paper, fundamental conditions, which bound the network processing unit (NPU) worst-case performance, are established. In particular, these conditions formalize and integrate, with mathematical rigor, two existing approaches for finding the NPU performance bounds, i.e., the work conserving condition and instruction/latency budget based approaches.(More)
A series of 3-chloro-1-(5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine-5yl)propan-1-one derivatives (2a–k) bearing different amino acids were synthesized by base condensation reaction. 3-Chloro-1-(5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine-5yl)propan-1-one(2) was obtained by N-acylation of 5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine (1). All the synthesized compounds were evaluated for their potential over antioxidant(More)
Zoos and biological parks are considered as a hub for public recreation and education. This is highlighted by the fact that visitors to the zoos are increasing year by year and they generate sizeable revenue. Veterinary professionals play a pivotal role in health management of wild animals in zoos and biological parks. Since veterinarians work in close(More)