Chetan Seshadri

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Knockout of lprG results in decreased virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) in mice. MTB lipoprotein LprG has TLR2 agonist activity, which is thought to be dependent on its N-terminal triacylation. Unexpectedly, here we find that nonacylated LprG retains TLR2 activity. Moreover, we show LprG association with triacylated glycolipid TLR2 agonists(More)
Microbial lipids activate T cells by binding directly to CD1 and T cell receptors (TCRs) or by indirect effects on antigen-presenting cells involving induction of lipid autoantigens, CD1 transcription, or cytokine release. To distinguish among direct and indirect mechanisms, we developed fluorescent human CD1b tetramers and measured T cell staining. CD1b(More)
CD1 proteins are antigen-presenting molecules that evolved to present lipids rather than peptides to T cells. However, unlike major histocompatibility complex genes, CD1 genes show low rates of polymorphism and have not been clearly associated with human disease. We report that an intronic polymorphism in CD1A (rs411089) is associated with susceptibility to(More)
An important aspect of immune monitoring for vaccine development, clinical trials, and research is the detection, measurement, and comparison of antigen-specific T-cells from subject samples under different conditions. Antigen-specific T-cells compose a very small fraction of total T-cells. Developments in cytometry technology over the past five years have(More)
In this paper 180 cases of Anyedyushka and Thriteeyaka Vishamajwaras (P.vivax malaria) were studied for various biochemical changes before and after treatment and these changes were correlated with dosha-dushya involvement in these conditions. Their diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic utility has also been discussed here.
The effect of an Ayurvedic preparation consisting of Swasakutara, Curcuma longa (Haridra) and Withania somnifera (Asvagandha) is accessed in 12 patients of tropical eosinphilia. The modern control drug Hetrazan is used in another batch of 11 patients for comparison. The Ayurvedic compound causes complete relief of most of the clinical signs and symptoms(More)
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