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Beginning with Goldsmith (1976), the phono-logical tier has a long history in phonological theory to describe non-local phenomena. This paper defines a class of formal languages, the Tier-based Strictly Local languages, which begin to describe such phenomena. Then this class is located within the Subregular Hierarchy (McNaughton and Papert, 1971). It is(More)
This paper outlines an abstraction process in which a particular class of hybrid automata with continuous dynamics that have parameterized positive limit sets, are being abstracted into finite transition systems. The limit sets with their corresponding attraction regions define pre-and post-conditions for the continuous dynamics, and determine the(More)
This paper brings together concepts from linguistics and formal language theory and applies them to model robot behavior. This is done by defining a class of formal languages that capture the abstract behavior of robots which can be described as hybrid systems with stable continuous dynamics. It is shown that this class of languages falls within the(More)
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