Chetan R. Singh

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We studied structure and charge transport properties of thin films of donor-acceptor block copolymers, poly(3-hexylthiophene-block-perylene bisimide acrylate), using a combination of X-ray scattering, AFM and vertical charge transport measurements in diode devices. Block copolymer self-assembly and crystallization of the individual components are(More)
In this contribution, the optical losses and gains attributed to periodic nanohole array electrodes in polymer solar cells are systematically studied. For this, thin gold nanomeshes with hexagonally ordered holes and periodicities (P) ranging from 202 nm to 2560 nm are prepared by colloidal lithography. In combination with two different active layer(More)
Plasmonic particles can contribute via multiple processes to the light absorption process in solar cells. These particles are commonly introduced into organic solar cells via deposition techniques such as spin-coating or dip-coating. However, such techniques are inherently challenging to achieve homogenous surface coatings as they lack control of(More)
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