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Language-supported synchronization is a source of serious performance problems in many Java programs. Even single-threaded applications may spend up to half their time performing useless synchronization due to the thread-safe nature of the Java libraries. We solve this performance problem with a new algorithm that allows lock and unlock operations to be(More)
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) acts as the primary storage of Hadoop and has been adopted by reputed organizations (Facebook, Yahoo! etc.) due to its portability and fault-tolerance. The existing implementation of HDFS uses Java-socket interface for communication which delivers suboptimal performance in terms of latency and throughput. For(More)
—HBase is an open source distributed Key/Value store based on the idea of BigTable. It is being used in many data-center applications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) because of its portability and massive scalability. For this kind of system, low latency and high throughput is expected when supporting services for large scale concurrent accesses. However,(More)
While Java provides many software engineering benefits, it lacks a coherent module system and instead provides only packages (which are primarily a name space mechanism) and classloaders (which are very low-level). As a result, large Java applications suffer from unexpected interactions between independent components, require complex CLASSPATH definitions,(More)
Storage Class Memory (SCM) blends the best properties of main memory and hard disk drives. It offers non-volatility and byte addressability, and promises short access times with low cost per bit. Earlier research in this field explored designs exploiting SCM features and used either simulations or theoretical models for evaluations. In this work, we explore(More)
Enterprise software systems automate the business processes of most nontrivial organizations in the world economy. These systems are immensely complex, and their function is critical to our living standards and everyday lives. Their design, implementation, and maintenance occupies many thousands of programmers and engineers, who work in what are aptly(More)
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