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The Caenorhabditis elegans ges-1 gene (gut esterase No. 1) is expressed only in the intestinal lineage, beginning when the developing gut has only four to eight cells. We analyze the sequence requirements for this tissue-specific gene regulation by injecting deleted/mutated constructs of the ges-1 gene into a viable ges-1 (null) strain of worms and assaying(More)
Elevated levels of Src kinase activity have been reported in a number of human cancers, including colon and breast cancer. We have analysed four human breast tumor cell lines that exhibit high levels of Src kinase activity, and have determined that these cell lines also exhibit a high level of a phosphotyrosine phosphatase activity that recognizes the Src(More)
The ability to selectively activate function of particular proteins via pharmacological agents is a longstanding goal in chemical biology. Recently, we reported an approach for designing a de novo allosteric effector site directly into the catalytic domain of an enzyme. This approach is distinct from traditional chemical rescue of enzymes in that it relies(More)
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