Chet E. Barney

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IL-2 potentiates both growth and cytotoxic function of T lymphocytes and NK cells. Resting peripheral blood NK cells can respond directly to rIL-2, without requirement for accessory cells or cofactors, and enhanced cytotoxicity can be measured within a few hours after exposure to this lymphokine. In this study, we describe an activation antigen, Leu-23,(More)
A comprehensive model of sound rendering is briefly summarized. Controversies surrounding each element of the model are described, all stemming from tradeoffs in quality vs. file size: sampling rates, compression methods, filtering and effects, dealing with artifacts of the process, and social/ethical issues arising from the tremendous flexibility of the(More)
Digital sound rendering is the procedure for taking an analog electrical audio signal and sampling it into digital data, storing and retrieving that data, and resynthesizing a smoothed analog audio signal from the digital data. The sound rendering field has developed rapidly with the rest of the multimedia industry, benefiting from contributions worldwide.(More)
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