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Nine subjects each spent four nights in the sleep lab during which middle ear muscle activity (MEMA) was recorded in addition to standard sleep monitoring. After an adaptation night, subjects were awakened four times on each experimental night: twice from rapid eye movement sleep and twice from stage 2: once from each stage in the presence or absence of(More)
Using a retrospective cohort design, we analyzed the effects of intrauterine diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure on various antepartum and intrapartum events. Gravidas exposed to DES had a higher likelihood of being delivered abdominally, undergoing manual removal of the placenta, and hemorrhaging in the postpartum period. The increased risk for these events(More)
BACKGROUND In the patient-centered medical home model of health care, both health care providers (HCPs) and patients must understand their respective roles and responsibilities, view the other as a partner, and use communication skills that promote shared decision making. This is particularly necessary in chronic conditions where outcomes depend on behavior(More)
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