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The endogenous production of carbon monoxide ( V(CO)) in newborn infants was measured by serial determinations of blood carboxyhemoglobin during rebreathing in a closed system. Mean V(CO) in nine full-term infants was 13.7 +/-3.6 mul CO/kg per hr (SD), and in four erythroblastotic infants V(CO) ranged from 37 to 154 mul CO/kg per hr preceding exchange(More)
Previous work in our laboratory has shown that the aziridinium ion of BM 123 (N-[4(2-chloroethylmethylamino)-2-butynyl]-2 pyrrolidone) is a potent and selective muscarinic agonist and binds irreversibly to muscarinic receptors (mAChR). The present series of experiments was designed to study the effects of BM 123 on behavioral and physiological variables(More)
PURPOSE Ten cases of unexpected corneal endothelial cell decompensation occurring after routine intraocular surgery using instruments sterilized with a new plasma gas protocol are described. DESIGN A retrospective observational case series with 1 year of follow-up was conducted. RESULTS All patients had corneal decompensation and nonreactive pupils(More)
Two commercial sources of MRC-5 and primary rabbit kidney cell cultures were compared for sensitivity of herpes simplex virus isolation and cytopathic effect detection time. Forty-six of 78 previously positive and 50 of 234 fresh clinical specimens were positive and could be evaluated. Herpes simplex virus recovery from frozen specimens positive in at least(More)
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