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Do urban hospital closures affect health care access or health outcomes? We study closures in Los Angeles County between 1997 and 2003, through their effect on distance to the nearest hospital. We find that increased distance to the closest hospital increases deaths from heart attacks and unintentional injuries. This finding is robust to several sensitivity(More)
BACKGROUND School readiness is an important public health outcome, determined by a set of interdependent health and developmental trajectories and influenced by a child's family, school, and community environments. The same factors that influence school readiness also influence educational success and health throughout life. CONTEXT A California cigarette(More)
(Environnement et Climat du Passé: Histoire et Evolution) and used models developed in laboratories from the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, Paris. We thank Y. Donnadieu for comments on the manuscript, J. Kasting for corrections, G. Krinner and A. Caubel for their help in designing vegetation modeling experiments, and W. Ruddiman for his encouraging(More)
The emissions of NO x and HCN (per unit amount of fuel burned) from fires in the pine-savannas that dominate the mountains surrounding Mexico City (MC) are about 2 times higher than normally observed for forest burning. The NH 3 emissions are about average for forest burning. The NO x /VOC mass ratio for the MC-area mountain fires 5 was ∼0.38, which is(More)
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