Cheryl V. Hinds

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To gain access to computer systems, users are required to be authenticated. This is usually accomplished by having the user enter an alphanumeric username and password. Users are usually required to remember multiple passwords for different systems and this poses such problems as usability, memorabilty and secuurity. Passwords are usually difficult to(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are networks composed of hundreds or thousands of small sensors which are often placed in hostile environments to sense a particular event in that environment. Unfortunately sensors are characterized by low power, limited memory and low bandwidth. The network is vulnerable to attacks, some of which can compromise a node, which can(More)
Distributed Computer Systems (DCS) are autonomous processing sites which may reside in geographically different locations. These nodes communicate with each other along networks, in order to share system resources and to work on a set of related or unrelated jobs. In a DCS it is essential that the performance of the system be at some acceptable level. It is(More)
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