Cheryl V. Foster

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To study the changes in carnitine during intense muscular effort subjects underwent 4 min intermittent electrical stimulation of the quadriceps femoris muscle and on a separate occasion performed 4 min exercise on a bicycle ergometer. Biopsies of the vastus lateralis muscle were taken at rest and after 2 and 4 min of stimulation or exercise. Resting mean(More)
There was no detectable loss of total carnitine associated with intense exercise from the middle gluteal muscle of Thoroughbred horses. Measurements made on a single biopsy obtained during the course of a normal training and exercise programme may, therefore, be considered representative of the normal content at rest. The variability in total carnitine(More)
The National Design Repository project was begun in 1995 as an effort to serve researchers in engineering design, manufacturing process planning and geometric and solid modeling. The Repository is a collection of public domain computeraided design data from a variety of sources and vendors. This data includes solid models and CAD files, computer-aided(More)
Environment for Authoring Design Semantics Design is a ubiquitous human activity and a critical aspect of many modern industries. CAD tools have revolutionized product development in the automotive and aerospace (mechanical CAD) and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, as well as other areas where geometric computation and(More)
The National Design Repository Project ( is creating a digital library of computer-aided design and manufacturing data. A main objective of this effort is to identify techniques to harvest this data and enable improvements in the engineering process. Presently the Repository consists of over 55,000 CAD and solid models,(More)
After an oral dose of 10 g of L-carnitine the plasma concentrations of free and total carnitine increased in five yearling thoroughbred horses, reaching a peak two to four hours after administration, but in two horses there was no increase. In the five which responded, the mean (+/- sd) peak increase in total carnitine concentration was 15.1 +/- 6.9(More)
1. L-carnitine was administered orally to thoroughbred horses for 58 days. 2. Acceptability and effects on plasma, muscle and urine concentration were studied. 3. Ten-60 g/day (as 2-3 doses) was acceptable with no deleterious effects. 4. One x 10 g L-carnitine significantly raised the plasma-free carnitine concentration (7 hr post) from 21.2 to 31.8(More)
In this paper we present MUG, a collaborative 3D environment to support knowledge-based conceptual design. This work integrates Computer-Aided and Collaborative Design methods with representation framework being developed for the Semantic Web. In this work, we have created a unique environment that allows a group of users, working together over the(More)
This paper presents an overview of our system to support computer-aided conceptual design of mechatronic assemblies in a collaborative, multi-user environment. CUP (Conceptual Understanding and Prototyping) allows design engineers to develop a high-level structure-behavior-function (S-B-F) descriptions of an assembly in a Java3D/VRML-based virtual(More)