Cheryl Tatum Ernest

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This is a report of seven cases of aneurysm of the vein of Galen (AVG) with a review of the clinical and radiological aspects of 48 cases in the literature. The natural evolution and pathophysiology of this vascular malformation are discussed. The clinical signs of this condition are often misleading. The appearance of AVG on CT is pathognomic. Surveillance(More)
thermal dissociation of reactive gaseous mercury—A potential approach to chemical speciation: Results from a field study. Abstract: Programmable Thermal Dissociation (PTD) has been used to investigate the chemical speciation of Reactive Gaseous Mercury (RGM, Hg 2+). RGM was collected on denuders and analyzed using PTD. The technique was tested in a field(More)
Dr. Schofield [1] states that: " The authors of this paper utilized a so-called " Programmable thermal dissociation method " to monitor HgCl 2 emitted from a coal fired Florida combustion plant. By comparison, they did confirm that the emitted mercury compound was in fact the dichloride, which is in fact the only such plausible molecule for mercury.(More)
The authors discuss the value of angioventriculotomography before surgery in deep arteriovenous malformations. This new procedure was performed in 2 infants and 3 children. In all cases, it was possible to know the precise relations of the lesions to deep structures of the central nervous system. Surgery was then contra indicated in two patients. In the(More)
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