Cheryl Stewart

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The complete DNA sequence of both genome components of a new begomovirus (Sida golden mosaic Buckup virus-[Jamaica:St. Elizabeth:2004]; SiGMBuV-[JM:SE:04]) was determined from a field-infected Sida sp. sample from Buckup, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Phylogenetically, both genome components of SiGMBuV-[JM:SE:04] are most closely related to malvaceous(More)
Plants are able to acclimate to their growth light environments by utilizing a number of short- and long-term mechanisms. One strategy is to prevent accumulation of excess reactive oxygen species that can lead to photoinhibition of photosynthesis. Ureides, generated from purine degradation, have been proposed as antioxidants and involved in certain abiotic(More)
Begomoviruses impose serious constraints on agriculture throughout the temperate, tropical and subtropical regions. Previously, we characterised a sida golden yellow vein virus isolate, SiGYVV-[JM:Lig2:08] (HQ009519-20) from a symptomatic Sida jamaicensis plant. With the aim of establishing whether it was hosting a mixed infection that could facilitate(More)
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