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Inspiring Collaborations (Notes on visuals)
Image of cover for DVD made of the moving images projected during the "Inspiring Collaborations" colloquium; with notes describing the various works. Expand
The Horizon is a Line : Lorraine Gilbert, Warren Quigley, Cheryl Sourkes, Patricia Deadman, Will Milne, Reno Salvail
Hickox contextualizes how the artists (five of which are photographers) deal with environmental concerns as both personal stance and renewed political activism. Artist's statements. BiographicalExpand
Cheryl Sourkes : Fata Scribunda
Artifical Life - Virtual Worlds
Cheryl Sourkes : Of Difference Lost and Retrieved
Pollack examines Sourkes' photo-collages and her juxtaposition of images and words from different cultural and historical traditions, creating new associations imbued with the recurrent themes ofExpand
The Diver of Ninevah, from the Series "The Memory Room"
The Diver of Ninevah, from the Series "The Memory Room" (La Plongeuse de Ninive, de la serie « La chambre de la memoire »)
Stephen Andrews : Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Pictures
Sourkes elaborates on Andrews' works, focusing on the artist's use of photography as the point of departure for his "hand-rendered images." Dealing with issues of memory, loss and humanExpand