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In the quest for the "ideal" soft tissue filler, many diverse products have been developed. The expanding market of available fillers is a testament that no one product will ideally suit all patients or clinicians. In addition, the challenge of satisfying the criteria of an ideal filler has driven researchers to take a variety of development paths. This has(More)
actionforchildren aslongasittakes actionforchildrenuk Action for Children 3 The Boulevard Ascot Road Watford WD18 8AG Telephone: 0300 123 2112 Action for Children is committed to helping the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK break through injustice, deprivation and inequality, so they can achieve their full potential.
Scotland has one of the highest liver cirrhosis mortality rates in Western Europe. The Scottish government has invested in a range of policies to address this and the wider harms from alcohol, including a national programme on alcohol brief interventions (ABIs). The initial focus of this work was primary care, accident and emergency care, and antenatal care(More)
Calls for " holistic " responses to halt the increasing imprisonment of women are continually reiterated. Solutions are sought which aim to be both " gender-responsive " and " community-based " , however the absence of meaningful definitions of " community " and " holistic " means that superficial responses are often put in place in response to failures of(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this evaluation. Firstly, the staff at Women in Focus, in particular Angela Curran and Frances Emmerson; and all the support workers. Many criminal justice social work staff played an important part in the evaluation and we would like to make special mention of Christine Murray, who(More)
  • C Burgess
  • 2001
As blooms of blue-green algae proliferate in U.S. lakes and rivers, deadly liver and nerve toxins produced by these cyanobac-teria loom large on the radar of officials charged with ensuring safe drinking water. Water utility managers commonly treat affected waters to correct taste and odor problems associated with the algae, but scientists are worried about(More)
Foreword in pressing financial times, it's easy to lose sight of the problems that existed before the economy faltered. The difficulties experienced by children affected by problematic parental substance misuse, have haunted our society through good economic times and bad and have, if anything, only worsened and become more prevalent in the jaws of the(More)