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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this pilot study was to explore the potential for the use of binaural auditory beat stimulation to reduce the symptom of inattention in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. METHODS This pilot study had a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design. Twenty participants were randomly(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common, debilitating chronic condition in the United States and worldwide. Particularly in women, depressive symptoms are often accompanied by high levels of stress and ruminations, or repetitive self-critical negative thinking. There is a research and clinical imperative to evaluate complementary therapies that are(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review of published literature regarding the effects of yoga, a promising mind-body therapy, on specific anthropometric and physiologic indices of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and on related clinical endpoints. METHODS We performed a literature search using 4 computerized English and Indian scientific databases. The(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine the cultural beliefs and attitudes of African American prostate cancer survivors regarding the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities. RESEARCH APPROACH Mixed methods with primary emphasis on a phenomenology approach. SETTING In-person interviews in participants' homes and rural community facilities.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare exercise-induced oxidative stress and levels of homocysteine and cholesterol in normal-weight and overweight older adults after resistance exercise (RX). RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES This interventional study was conducted at a wellness center. Forty-nine older adults (age range, 60 to 72 years) were stratified by BMI (<25 kg/m(2)(More)
To investigate the effects of microcurrent cranial electrical stimulation (CES) therapy on reducing pain and its associated symptoms in fibromyalgia (FM), we conducted a randomized, controlled, three-group (active CES device, sham device, and usual care alone [UC]), double-blind study to determine the potential benefit of CES therapy for symptom management(More)
The objective of this 12-week study was to determine whether a relaxation-guided imagery (R-GI) intervention designed as a primary prevention strategy for stress management was perceived as beneficial to African American women during the second trimester of pregnancy. All participants documented perceived benefits of the R-GI intervention that included the(More)
It has become increasingly evident that bidirectional ("top-down and bottom-up") interactions between the brain and peripheral tissues, including the cardiovascular and immune systems, contribute to both mental and physical health. Therapies directed toward addressing functional links between mind/brain and body may be particularly effective in treating the(More)
PURPOSE This study compared lipid peroxidation values in nonobese and obese postmenopausal women before and after acute maximal aerobic exercise (AX). METHODS Blood samples were collected in nonobese (22.1 +/- 0.9% body fat) and obese (40.8 +/- 0.9% body fat) women (61-75 yr, N = 34) before and immediately after a maximal graded treadmill test. Lipid(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate the effects of relaxation-guided imagery (R-GI) on perceived stress, anxiety, and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) levels in pregnant African American women beginning in the second trimester. METHODS This prospective, longitudinal study of 59 women used a controlled randomized experimental(More)