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To address existing limitations in live neuron imaging, we have developed NeuO, a novel cell-permeable fluorescent probe with an unprecedented ability to label and image live neurons selectively over other cells in the brain. NeuO enables robust live neuron imaging and isolation in vivo and in vitro across species; its versatility and ease of use sets the(More)
Fluorescent small molecules have become indispensable tools for biomedical research along with the rapidly developing optical imaging technology. We report here a neural stem cell specific boron-dipyrromethane (BODIPY) derivative compound of designation red 3 (CDr3), developed through a high throughput/content screening of in-house generated diversity(More)
Small molecule fluorescent probes offer significant advantages over conventional antibody and fluorescent protein labeling techniques. Here we present and , dyes that label live microglia specifically. They may be applied to the isolation and imaging of live microglia when investigating their role in neuroinflammatory diseases.
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