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OBJECTIVE To generate a global reference for caesarean section (CS) rates at health facilities. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Health facilities from 43 countries. POPULATION/SAMPLE Thirty eight thousand three hundred and twenty-four women giving birth from 22 countries for model building and 10,045,875 women giving birth from 43 countries for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of concurrent preoperative cisplatin chemotherapy and radiotherapy (CT/RT) for patients with advanced head and neck cancer and cervical metastatic disease. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. SETTING University hospitals. PATIENTS Eighty-eight patients with operable stage III and IV squamous cell carcinoma of the head(More)
With the ICRP recommendations Publications 103, 109 and 111 (ICRP, 2007; ICRP 2009a, 2009b), new concepts and quantities have been introduced into emergency management and rehabilitation. two of them will possibly influence national procedures, but for sure they will influence countermeasure simulation approaches: 1. the concept of a “reference level” for(More)
BACKGROUND Stage III and IV squamous cell cancers of the head and neck are often unresectable at presentation and are associated with poor disease-free and overall survival rates. A phase II study using concurrent cisplatin and radiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer indicated impressive local-regional control and survival with organ preservation. (More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative therapy with concurrent cisplatin infusion and accelerated hyperfractionated radiation has the potential to eradicate pools of resistant cells with high-growth fraction that accumulate during standard radiation therapy. Based on preliminary data showing a high complete response rate (necessary for organ preservation) in patients with(More)
In most field surveys, the data collection process is observed only by the respondents and the interviewers. Others can observe only the traces reflected in the data and paradata. Careful selection and training of interviewers and thoughtful construction of the survey instrument are, of course, very important in maintaining data quality. But creating a(More)
INTRODUCTION antagonists of angiotensin II receptor (AAR) are commonly used for the treatment of chronic hypertension in the general population. Some of these pharmacological agents are losartan, candesartan, valsartan and tasosartan. Despite the good response achieved with these drugs in the control of hypertension, all medications that act directly on the(More)
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