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Brief Report: Near-Death Experiences among a Sample of Iranian Muslims
Brief report describing data collected about Iranian Muslims who had near-death experiences (NDEs), including demographics of participants and characteristics of the NDEs.
Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing
Anita Moorjani’s (2012) book, Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing, is a compelling story about healing that will mystify the most open-minded reader, while perhaps
Paving a New Frontier: Near-Death Experiences and the Unspoken Aspect of What Researchers Have Faced, and Continue to Face
This article provides an overview of the growing pains associated with paving a new scientific frontier, and challenges researchers have faced in the past, and continue to face in the field of
Electromagnetic Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences: A Preliminary Report on a Series of Studies Currently Under Way
Reported near-death experiences (NDEs) have been associated with various extraordinary phenomena, including profound psychological, physiological, and spiritual aftereffects. One specific phenomenon
Near-Death Experiences and the Possibility of Disembodied Consciousness Challenges to Prevailing Neurobiological and Psychosocial Theories
Claims from those having near-death experiences (NDEs), as well as those sympathetic to such claims, challenge the prevailing assumption that consciousness is dependent on a functioning brain. Extant
Near‐Death Experiences and Transpersonal Psychology: Focus on Helping Near‐Death Experiencers
The transpersonal nature of the near-death experience (NDE) challenges the limitations of mainstream psychology and supports the need for transpersonal psychology. Raymond Moody (1975) is credited
Brief Report: Psychologists' Knowledge of and Attitudes about Near-Death Experiences: Changes over Time and Relationship to Transpersonl Self-Concept
Abstract: We conducted a comparison and extension of Walker and Russell's (1989) study of psychologists' knowledge of and attitudes about near-death experiences (NDEs). We used their Near-Death
Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness
We are pleased to present this special edition on Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness. This edition includes a broad array of articles from well-known authors in the field that
Known Knowns… Known Unknowns… and Unknown Unknowns: Processing the Research Journey
Every now and then an outstanding mentor and/or faculty member comes along that has the uncanny ability to lift and inspire students beyond their imagined reach. Willson Williams is one such leader.