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The nuclear aod-1 gene of Neurospora crassa encodes the alternative oxidase and is induced when the standard cytochrome-mediated respiratory chain of mitochondria is inhibited. To study elements of the pathway responsible for alternative oxidase induction, we generated a series of mutations in the region upstream from the aod-1 structural gene and(More)
The alternative oxidase (AOX) of Neurospora crassa transfers electrons from ubiquinol to oxygen. The enzyme is not expressed under normal conditions. However, when the function of the standard electron transport chain is compromised, AOX is induced, providing cells with a means to continue respiration and growth. Induction of the enzyme represents a form of(More)
in zebrafish results in male sterility and aneuploid as well as triploid progeny in females ...... 1561—1569 TANGE, YOSHIE, AND OSAMI NIWA, Novel mad2 alleles isolated in a Schizosaccharomyces pombe ␥-tubulin mutant are defective in metaphase arrest activity, but remain functional for chromosome stability in unperturbed mitosis .. A balance between two(More)
A cDNA clone encoding the calcium-binding subunit of calcineurin, calcineurin B, was isolated from a bovine brain library by immunoscreening. The 841 bp cDNA has a 56 bp 5'-noncoding region, an open reading frame of 510 bp, and a 275 bp 3'-noncoding sequence. The deduced amino acid sequence of bovine calcineurin B differs from the previously reported(More)
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