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Effective conservation of marine ecosystems requires the assessment and management of cumulative impacts of multiple activities occurring in the ecosystem. Productivity Susceptibility Analysis (PSA) is a widely used tool to assess the potential impacts of fishing activities on marine ecosystems, particularly in data-poor regions. Yet, PSA and other(More)
Fig. 1. Relative change in reflectance with viewing angle for 25° incidence angle: (a) for 253.7 nm; (b) for 435.8 nm; (c) 546.1 nm. Curves A and B are TFE paint with Q9-6313 binder (air dried); C and D are TFE paint with OI-650 binder (air dried); E and F are TFE paint with OI-650 binder (baked); G is BaSO4 • PVA paint (84.5 mg/cm); and H is pressed BaSO(More)
An uncertain amniotic fluid karyotype analysis may result in months of intense anxiety for the parents. An illustrative case demonstrates that thorough and accurate diagnostic steps, active involvement of the family physician, coordination of counseling efforts by all involved health-care professionals and attention to the social and financial concerns of(More)
Silicon charge coupled device (CCD) imaging detectors hold great potential for space-borne astronomical applications. For example, one will be used in the Space Telescope Wide Field/Planetary Camera. Although the UV and VUV are of major interest in space astronomy, these detectors are not sufficiently sensitive below ~400 nm. However, coating a CCD with a(More)
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