Cheryl B. Thompson

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This paper proposes a series of techniques to be used in teaching database design. Common ERD notations are discussed. The authors developed an ERD notation, adapted from the Unified Modeling Language, which facilitates student learning of the database design process. The paper presents a specific step by step process for representing the ERD components as(More)
Practice improvements are much needed in health care but are difficult to implement and to measure. Without records that include aggregate data, outcomes cannot be compared. Aggregate data are defined as data not limited to one patient, but data that are tracked across time, across organizations, across patient populations, or across some other variable.(More)
Expert systems in nursing are developed with traditional knowledge engineering techniques. These techniques focus on the behavior and logic of the expert, not qualities of expertise. Expertise has been described but not explained. This article proposes a theoretical framework for the study of expertise that can be used to facilitate the development of(More)
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