Cheryl A. Dean

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A new anthrax vaccine under clinical investigation is based on recombinant Bacillus anthracis protective antigen (rPA). Here, we investigated microneedle-based cutaneous and nasal mucosal delivery of rPA in mice and rabbits. In mice, intradermal (id) delivery achieved up to 90% seroconversion after a single dose, compared with 20% after intramuscular (im)(More)
Tumor-associated immunosuppression aids cancer cells to escape immune-mediated attack and subsequent elimination. Recently, however, many oncolytic viruses, including reovirus, have been reported to overturn such immunosuppression and promote the development of a clinically desired antitumor immunity, which is known to promote favorable patient outcomes.(More)
Breast cancer subtyping, based on the expression of hormone receptors and other genes, can determine patient prognosis and potential options for targeted therapy. Among breast cancer subtypes, tumors of basal-like and claudin-low subtypes are typically associated with worse patient outcomes, are primarily classified as triple-negative breast cancers (TNBC),(More)
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