Cheryl A Burke

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A cohort of 1,083 male employees who had potential for exposure to acrylonitrile between 1944 and 1970 at a Du Pont textile fibers plant were followed through 1981 for mortality and through 1983 for cancer incidence. In total, the 21 cancer deaths were fewer than expected based on either Du Pont or U.S. rates. No significant excesses were seen by primary(More)
A previous report presented the cancer morbidity and mortality experience through 1976 of a cohort of 1,345 male employees with potential for exposure to acrylonitrile at a fibers-producing plant. This study has now been updated through 1983 for cancer incidence and through 1981 for mortality. Overall, 43 cancer cases have occurred, with 37.1 expected based(More)
In a previous publication, Pell et al described the cancer epidemiologic surveillance program that was begun in the Du Pont Company in 1956 and presented standardized cancer incidence and mortality data through 1974 for Du Pont employees compared with such data for the US general population. This report provides the analysis of an additional 10 years of(More)
The rate of pancreatic secretion during the interdigestive state varies with the phase of interdigestive motility. During phases II and III of interdigestive motility, pancreatic secretion is greatest, and minimal during phases I and IV. Pancreatic polypeptide and motilin have been reported to be increased during phases II and III but do not appear to be(More)
Sera from twenty-three patients with primary or metastatic testicular tumours of germinal origin were tested for antibodies against teratocarcinoma-associated antigen(s), using an indirect immunofluorescence technique. Human and 129/Sv mouse sperm and mouse teratocarcinoma cell line 402 AX were used as target cells. A total of fifteen sera were identified(More)
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