Cheruvandasseri Arumughan Jayaprakas

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Bacterial strains associated with entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) Rhabditis (Oscheius) spp. were isolated from infected cadavers of Galleria mellonella. The obtained 18 isolates were subdivided into nine phylogenetically different genera based on comparative sequence analysis of their 16S rRNA genes. The isolates were affiliated to three different class(More)
The mealy bug, Rhizoecus amorphophalli, is a menace to the aroid farmers due to the intensive infestation on stored tubers. Spraying of pesticides was able to control this pest but it always left a chance for fungal growth. Bacterial endosymbionts associated with the insects provide several benefits to their host. Since such endosymbionts play a vital role(More)
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