Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu

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INTRODUCTION This study develops an integrative model of safety management based on social cognitive theory and the total safety culture triadic framework. The purpose of the model is to reveal the causal linkages between a hazardous environment, safety climate, and individual safety behaviors. METHOD Based on primary survey data from 209 front-line(More)
This paper examines whether subjective economic assessments have any impact on support for further market reforms among China's urban population, utilizing a large survey of 10,700 people across 32 cities. The effect of subjective economic well-being on support for market reforms is an important issue for the Chinese government as it seeks to sell the(More)
Social networks can be important sources of information and insights that may spark employee creativity. The cross-fertilization of ideas depends not just on access to information and insights through one's direct network-the people one actually interacts with--but at least as much on access to the indirect network one's direct ties connect one to (i.e.,(More)
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