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This paper introduces an augmented reality authoring tool that allows users to edit and publish an examination application with the Augmented Reality (AR) interface. The AR authoring system in this paper is constructed with the help of ARToolKit, a widely used open source for AR. This unique system can help users with no programming knowledge to build AR(More)
Scientific visualization is a powerful and popular technique and is very useful in many areas of science and engineering. It mainly uses computer graphics to view or explore three-dimensional (3D) objects, natural phenomenon, or numerical data. Virtual reality (VR) is an application of scientific visualization and is getting popular for applications(More)
In recent years there has been renewal of interest in the relation between Green IT and High Performance Computing. The growing use of supercomputers has caused marked energy burden, putting negative pressure on electricity cost of computing centers. Scientists could foresee that the power consumption of computing facilities will double, triple, or even(More)
The purpose of this paper is to launch a new platform for advocating three roles of paddies including production, life and ecology through the cross-field integration of the agricultural hydrology, information technology and children's picture book, which is novel. We translate literatures of paddies to popular content. Scientific visualization is applied(More)
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