Chern Li Liew

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Purpose – This review aims to provide a snapshot of digital library research of the past 11 years (1997-2007) that focuses on organisational and people issues, including those concerning the social/cultural, legal, ethical, and use dimensions. Design/methodology/approach – The review covers articles published in mainstream peer-reviewed library and(More)
In this paper, we present a proposed information environment (PROPIE) for enhanced interaction and value-adding of electronic documents (e-documents). The design of PROPIE was based on a thorough user needs and requirements assessment in interacting with information through well-documented findings, and a focus group with twelve participants to elicit(More)
The recent unprecedented growth of information in digital form advocates the need for better ways to interact with this vast amount of richly-conveyed information. This paper reviews and analyses the design considerations of an advanced information environment for users to interact in novel manners with online documents such as electronic journals. The(More)
Ozone and 1,8-cineole were investigated as alternatives to isopropyl-n-(3-chloro-phenyl)carbamate (CIPC) to control sprout development of potato (Solatium tuberosum) tubers cv Russet Burbank during long-term storage. Sprout development was similar in ozone-treated and air-stored tubers, but both had much larger and more numerous sprouts than CIPC-treated(More)
Providing enhanced access and added-value to electronic documents (e-documents) will require interfaces that effectively mediate between the information-seeking needs of the users and the information that the e-document has to offer. A proposed information environment (PIE) to support effective and creative use of e-documents to fulfil user’s various(More)