Chern Har Yew

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Trust plays an important role in decision making especially in cases of uncertainty and incomplete information. There are many challenges to trust calculation. In this paper, we identify the challenges and offer a middleware solution. Our solution consists of a SCOUT middleware and a SCOUT client (Trust Calculator) that can be used by an application to(More)
Trust is a concept that has been used to support better decision-making when there is incomplete information. Trust requires evidence. There are multiple evidence sources. One or more evidence sources may be used in trust calculation. This paper presents a middleware that takes this into account, the algorithms used and experimental results.
Trust is often calculated based on evidence which may come from a set of diverse sources. Challenges in trust calculation include the lack of a standard way to access evidence sources, lack of a standard for presenting evidence, unreliable evidence sources and differences of opinion on how evidence should be interpreted. This work shows that there are(More)
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