Chermeia J Austin

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  • C J Austin
  • 1989
This article examines the dramatic ways that information technology will influence clinical care, strategic management, and organization of the health care delivery system in the years ahead. Advancements in microprocessors, telecommunications, mass storage of data and images, and input-output devices will be accompanied by increased use of health-related(More)
Information processing in the managed care marketplace is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. Managed care organizations are finding that the ability to process information effectively and efficiently is the only way to maintain a competitive edge. This article provides an overview of information needs and system requirements from the(More)
This article presents the results of information technology management audits conducted by senior executives at ten healthcare organizations. The audits evaluated how well the following seven information technology management responsibilities were carried out: (1) strategic information systems planning; (2) employment of a user focus in system development;(More)
BACKGROUND Disparities in health among blacks and Hispanics compared to whites individuals exist for a number of health measures; however, the health profile of individuals who are both black and Hispanic is not well known. We sought to determine whether race and ethnicity have synchronous or independent effects on health-related outcomes. METHODS We(More)
Changes in the health care environment, such as the growth of integrated delivery systems and the proliferation of managed care, are having a profound impact on the way in which health care organizations manage both clinical and financial information. Health information networks (HINs) are emerging to support the goals and internal needs of integrated(More)
The innovative use of information technology will be an essential response to the intense pressures and challenges health-care institutions face entering the final decade of the 20th century. Those pressures will affect the clinical laboratory and will result in significant use of improved information technology. The implications for laboratory management(More)