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This paper explores verbal agreement patterns in Icelandic. In general – in Icelandic and cross-linguistically – verbs agree with Nominative DPs. As shown in the Icelandic sentence in (1), the verb 'look forward to' agrees in person and number with the Nominative subject. (1) Við hlökkum/*hlakkar til jólanna. we.Nom.1pl look forward.1pl/*3sg to(More)
We propose an analysis of the morphology of dative-nominative passives in Icelandic. This account is based on a previous proposal of active predicates which alternate between a dative-nominative and nominative-dative case frame (Wood and Sigurðsson 2014). We show that obligatory agreement with the nominative in the passive is the consequence of the absence(More)
0 Goals of this Talk  Illustrate the difference in agreement patterns in different types of Icelandic passives.  Motivate a smuggling approach (Collins 2005) for auxiliary passives, and a non-smuggling approach for –st passives.  Argue for iterative applications of Agree. 1.1 Actives  Icelandic main verbs/auxiliaries agree in person and number with(More)