Cherisse Du Preez

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Rugosity is an index of surface roughness that is widely used as a measure of landscape structural complexity in studies investigating spatially explicit ecological patterns and processes. This paper identifies and demonstrates significant issues with how we presently measure rugosity and, by building on recent advances, proposes a novel rugosity index that(More)
Partially owing to their isolation and remote distribution, research on seamounts is still in its infancy, with few comprehensive datasets and empirical evidence supporting or refuting prevailing ecological paradigms. As anthropogenic activity in the high seas increases, so does the need for better understanding of seamount ecosystems and factors that(More)
  • Du Preez, C Tunnicliffe, Du Preez, C Chu, J W F Rose, C Davies +20 others
  • 2014
A new video survey method of microtopographic laser scanning (MiLS) to measure small-scale seafloor bottom roughness. A scientist's guide to remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for benthic imagery surveys. " In Recent research studies on seabed structure and benthic biodiversity relationships in Canadian Marine habitats. " Cold-water corals and sponges and(More)
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