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Graphic processing unit (GPU)-based general-purpose computing is developing as a viable alternative to CPU-based computing in many domains. Today’s tools for GPU analysis include simulators like GPGPU-Sim, Multi2Sim, and Barra. While useful for modeling first-order effects, these tools do not provide a detailed view of GPU microarchitecture and(More)
Digital Neural Network implementations based on the perceptron model require the use of multi-bit representation of signals and weights. This results in the usage of multi-bit multipliers in each neuron, leading to prohibitively large chip areas. Another problem with hardware implementations of neural networks is the low utilization of chip area due to(More)
Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) based general purpose computing is developing as a viable alternative to CPU based computing in many domains. In this paper, we introduce MIAOW (Many-core Integrated Accelerator Of Wisconsin), an open source RTL implementation of the AMD Southern Islands GPGPU ISA, capable of running unmodified OpenCL-based applications. We(More)
This paper suggests a new approach for automatic selective deblurring of the blurred regions in an image. We have evaluated the degree of blurness (β) at the edges and applied the deblurring algorithm where β is significantly large. Blurring increases the width of the edges and the original gray level values of the pixels are lost. We have(More)
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