Cherilyn Randolph

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  • C Randolph
  • Journal of clinical and experimental…
  • 1991
A priming task involving a word-stem completion paradigm was administered to patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), patients with Huntington's disease (HD), and normal control subjects. The task was done under conditions of both implicit and explicit recall. Explicit and implicit recall were positively correlated in all three groups. After controlling for(More)
The reaction of an individual to the development of an information system or a new instance of information technology is determined by a complex and varied set of beliefs, values and attitudes. Research to understand the acceptance or rejection of innovations has worked at an aggregate level to yield general guidance on how to influence the process. This(More)
Although the mode of use varies and evolves, the Internet continues to spark significant changes in tertiary education. As course websites gain popularity, interest in measuring, evaluating and improving these sites is emerging. Educators seeking to optimize their sites have a prime source of website data in server log file. Unlike traditional end of term(More)
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