Cherie Noteboom

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The integration of EHR (Electronic Health Records) in IT infrastructures supporting organizations enable improved access to and recording of patient data, enhanced ability to make better and more-timely decisions, and improved quality and reduced errors. Despite these benefits, there are mixed results as to the use of EHR. The literature suggests that the(More)
With the growing use of mobile technology to access health information, patients are being empowered in their healthcare choices. While specific mobile applications are becoming available for patients to manage their own care, most treatment processes support healthcare professionals and offer little support for patient centered care. In order to address(More)
EHRs (Electronic Health Records), can contribute greatly to improving care and managing the rising costs of healthcare. The use and the integration of EHRs (Electronic Health Records) in supporting collaboration to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare remains a challenge. It appears that the physicians are at the center of this(More)
The provision of healthcare is a collaborative process. It follows evidence based treatments which are becoming increasingly data driven and focusing on the best clinical outcomes. Patient centered care requires participation of patients in the decision making of the best treatment options. Healthcare provision requires both evidence based and patient(More)
This study examines the concept of unlearning, the process of disuse or replacement of an action, procedure or belief in favor of a new one, in the context of healthcare. Little is known about the true nature of unlearning and related learning change processes within the context of healthcare. The study of unlearning continues to be important not only due(More)
Patient safety and high quality patient care are critical concerns for healthcare providers. The Institute of Medicine report suggests medical errors account for up to 98,000 patient deaths each year. Therefore, the US healthcare system is looking to information technology applications as one means of making patient care safer. This paper compares the(More)