Cherian John

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Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) causes acute respiratory infections in children and adults. It is classified into two major genetic lineages and each lineage into two sublineages. The purpose of the study was to identify and characterize hMPV in children who presented to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India with acute respiratory(More)
Infraglenoid tubercle avulsion fractures are extremely rare injuries. We report a 38-year-old male with glenoid cavity fracture and infraglenoid tubercle avulsion of the left shoulder following a fall from bike. He refused surgery and was treated nonoperatively. Follow-up radiography and CT at 18 months revealed a malunited infraglenoid tubercle with signs(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the correlation between five anthropometric parameters and the distance from tibial tuberosity to medial malleolus in 100 volunteers. METHODS Six anthropometric parameters were measured in 50 male and 50 female medical students using a metallic scale: medial knee joint line to ankle joint line (K-A), medial knee joint line to medial(More)
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