Cheri L. Zobel

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The protein kinase Raf is an important signaling protein. Raf activation is initiated by an interaction with GTP-bound Ras, and Raf functions in signal transmission by phosphorylating and activating a mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase kinase named MEK. We identified 13 mutations in the Caenorhabditis elegans lin-45 raf gene by screening for(More)
Dynamic spatiotemporal modification of chromatin around DNA damage is vital for efficient DNA repair. Normal stem cells exhibit an attenuated DNA damage response (DDR), inefficient DNA repair, and high radiosensitivity. The impact of unique chromatin characteristics of stem cells in DDR regulation is not yet recognized. We demonstrate that murine embryonic(More)
Normal tissue injury resulting from cancer radiotherapy is often associated with diminished regenerative capacity. We examined the relative radiosensitivity of normal stem cell populations compared with non-stem cells within several radiosensitive tissue niches and culture models. We found that these stem cells are highly radiosensitive, in contrast to(More)
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