Cheri A. Pies

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Data concerning learned voiding dysfunction (Hinman syndrome; non-neurogenic, neurogenic bladder) in adults are scarce. The present study was conducted to assess the pre-valence and clinical characteristics of this dysfunction among adults referred for evaluation of lower urinary tract symptoms. Learned voiding dysfunction was suggested by a characteristic(More)
OBJECTIVE (1) To introduce photovoice, a participatory action research methodology, for use by MCH program managers to enhance community health assessments and program planning efforts, (2) to enable community people to use the photovoice methodology as a tool to record, reflect, and communicate their family, maternal, and child health assets and concerns,(More)
The "boom and bust phenomenon" is a pattern that has emerged in the development, introduction, and delivery of a number of significant new contraceptive products in the United States. When a new contraceptive product is introduced with great promise and publicity, it usually experiences a "boom" during which sales, demand, and expectations are high. This(More)
Pregnant women who use drugs are more likely to receive little or no prenatal care. This study sought to understand how drug use and factors associated with drug use influence women's prenatal care use. A total of 20 semi-structured interviews and 2 focus groups were conducted with a racially/ethnically diverse sample of low-income women using alcohol and(More)
For many decades, early access to prenatal care has been considered the gold standard for improving birth outcomes. In Contra Costa County, a diverse urban and suburban county of over one million people in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Family Maternal and Child Health Programs of Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) have seen high rates of early entry into(More)
The California Endowment is a private, statewide health foundation that was created in 1996 as a result of Blue Cross of California's creation of WellPoint Health Networks, a for-profit corporation. This conversion set the groundwork for our mission: The California Endowment's mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for under-served(More)
In recent years, maternal and child health professionals have been seeking approaches to integrating the Life Course Perspective and social determinants of health into their work. In this article, we describe how community input, staff feedback, and evidence from the field that the connection between wealth and health should be addressed compelled the(More)
PURPOSE In May 2012, the Association of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Programs initiated a project to develop indicators for use at a state or community level to assess, monitor, and evaluate the application of life course principles to public health. DESCRIPTION Using a developmental framework established by a national expert panel, teams of program(More)
In France, reducing social health inequalities has become an explicit goal of health policies over the past few years, one of its objectives is specifically the reduction of the perinatal mortality rate. This study investigates the association between infant mortality and social deprivation categories at a small area level in the Lille metropolitan area, in(More)