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Efficacy and safety of 5 anesthetics in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Although the safety and efficacy of tricaine methanesulfonate (MS222) for anesthesia of fish are well established, other anesthetics used less commonly in fish have been less extensively evaluated.Expand
The Behavioral Effects of Single Housing and Environmental Enrichment on Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Environmental enrichment provides laboratory-housed species the opportunity to express natural behavior and exert control over their home environment, thereby minimizing stress. We sought toExpand
Gavaging adult zebrafish.
The zebrafish has become an important in vivo model in biomedical research. Effective methods must be developed and utilized to deliver compounds or agents in solutions for scientific research.Expand
Tolerance and efficacy of emamectin benzoate and ivermectin for the treatment of Pseudocapillaria tomentosa in laboratory zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Tolerance of adult zebrafish and efficacy of emamectin benzoate and ivermectin in eliminating Pseudocapillaria tomentosa infection were evaluated. In the tolerance study, behavioral changes,Expand
Evaluating analgesic efficacy and administration route following craniotomy in mice using the grimace scale
Most research laboratories abide by guidelines and mandates set by their research institution regarding the administration of analgesics to control pain during the postoperative period.Expand
Recommendations for Health Monitoring and Reporting for Zebrafish Research Facilities.
The presence of subclinical infection or clinical disease in laboratory zebrafish may have a significant impact on research results, animal health and welfare, and transfer of animals betweenExpand
Trichodina xenopodus, a ciliated protozoan, in a laboratory-maintained Xenopus laevis.
A postmortem evaluation of a domestically bred, adult, female Xenopus laevis revealed the presence of a urinary bladder protozoan consistent with Trichodina xenopodus. T. xenopodus is considered anExpand
Restrictions on the Importation of Zebrafish into Canada Associated with Spring Viremia of Carp Virus.
The zebrafish model system is helping researchers improve the health and welfare of people and animals and has become indispensable for advancing biomedical research. As genetic engineering is bothExpand
The Influence of Behavioral, Social, and Environmental Factors on Reproducibility and Replicability in Aquatic Animal Models.
The publication of reproducible, replicable, and translatable data in studies utilizing animal models is a scientific, practical, and ethical necessity. This requires careful planning and executionExpand
Report of Workshop on Euthanasia for Zebrafish-A Matter of Welfare and Science.
The increasing importance of zebrafish as a biomedical model organism is reflected by the steadily growing number of publications and laboratories working with this species. RegulatoryExpand