Cheong-Sool Park

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PURPOSE To compare the effects of gamma-irradiation on biochemical responses and growth, six-week-old Brachypodium plants were chronically exposed to gamma-irradiation for 30 days at various dosages. MATERIALS AND METHODS Growth surveys of Brachypodium plants in response to different dosages of gamma-irradiation were conducted to compare physiological(More)
In the post-fabrication process for semiconductors, it is critical to predict the yield. This process consists of a series of electrical and physical tests following semiconductor fabrication, tests that generate a significant volume of parametric data. While past research has investigated yield prediction using parametric test data, most studies have(More)
Control chart pattern recognition is one of the most important tools to identify the process state in statistical process control. The abnormal process state could be classified by the recognition of unnatural patterns that arise from assignable causes. In this study, a wavelet based neural network approach is proposed for the recognition of control chart(More)
Abstract—In the semiconductor manufacturing process, large amounts of data are collected from various sensors of multiple facilities. The collected data from sensors have several different characteristics due to variables such as types of products, former processes and recipes. In general, Statistical Quality Control (SQC) methods assume the normality of(More)
It is important to predict yield in semiconductor test process in order to increase yield. In this study, yield prediction means finding out defective die, wafer or lot effectively. Semiconductor test process consists of some test steps and each test includes various test items. In other world, test data has a big and complicated characteristic. It also is(More)
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