Cheolgi Kim

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—Most dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVS) techniques adjust only CPU parameters; however, recent embedded systems provide multiple adjustable clocks which can be independently tuned. When considering multiple components, energy optimal frequencies depend on task set characteristics such as the number of CPU and memory access cycles. In this work, we(More)
There exists a growing need for automated interoperability among medical devices in modern healthcare systems. This requirement is not just for convenience, but to prevent the possibility of errors due to the complexity of interactions between the devices and human operators. Hence, a system supporting such interoperability is supposed to provide the means(More)
—Digital video is prominent big data spread all over the Internet. It is large not only in size but also in required processing power to extract useful information. Fast processing of excessive video reels is essential on criminal investigations, such as terrorism. This demo presents an extensible video processing framework in Apache Hadoop to parallelize(More)
The Physically-Asynchronous Logically-Synchronous (PALS) system is a recently proposed architectural pattern for cyber-physical systems. It guarantees a logically synchronous design abstraction for real-time distributed computations. In this work, we develop a new middleware, called PALSware, to support an efficient and robust implementation of the PALS(More)
<i>Cyber Physical Systems</i> (CPS) get a lot of attention due to the strong demand for the integration of physical devices and computing systems. There are many design aspects involved in CPS, such as efficiency, real-time, reliability and security. One of the major issues is system integration and verification. In many safety critical systems verification(More)